Travel : Some of the best MUST DO things in Goa

1 month ago

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  • Lazing on the fashionable shores, hanging across the seaside shacks, experiencing the nightlife at the Tito’s or Mambo’s whilst relishing effortless-flowing booze in Goa are rather antiquated. So, go off-track in Goa at the same time when you are spending a vacation here. For real travellers seeking adventure, explorers and wanderers, Goa has far more to offer than you can suppose. This hippie-haven has various hidden picks to present if you're fascinated about doing whatever distinctive from the original. Simply go in deeper to feel the true pulse of Goa and be geared up to look beyond the beaches, churches and nightlife.
    Arriving to Goa from Mumbai, Pune or some other metropolis is particularly made easy by way of bus. While you plan for an offbeat trip, buses will probably be an excellent alternative for a memorable ride. As they're low-cost and secure when tickets are booked on-line from , this online bus booking portal helps many visitors to minimize their hassles and make their journey a happening one.
    Look at some of the offbeat activities that one can carry out while spending vacation in Goa:
    1. Know more about the spice plantation: It is about a hour’s drive from Baga Beach. You can lay your hands on some spices that are very authentic. Food served here will also be made from home grown spices which will surely be organic and healthy. It is a huge green patch which is so pure and healthy. It is absolutely pollution free. This land referred to as Goa is solely recognized for its spice plantations but it is an infrequent state of affairs that tourists common place these plantations. You may take informal stroll across these fragrant plantations whilst you achieve competencies about distinctive types of spices. You are welcome with some lovely flowers and herbal tea, the fragrance of which is simply amazing and relaxing. You will be taken on a tour of the farm in groups and each group will have a guide who will explain to you all about the spices grown here.
    2. Crabs catching fun activity: This sounds interesting! Getting keep on a crab should not be an easy job however; it is going to undoubtedly be a lifetime experience. If you are watching for some journey and would love to get your arms dirt-kissed. The local boys will assist you to catch the crab, make sure they do not slip off your hands! 
    3. Devil’s Canyon: this is a excellent situation for any adventure lover, this location is serene and silent with a lovely river gorge. However, this river has undercurrents and hence swimming is prohibited. It is a picturesque location. Nice position to click photos and spend some virtual time within nature.
    4. Explore the hidden beauty of Caves: These are the roads less travelled. So go ahead and explore them. These are the caves with historical significance, The Pandava Caves, the Rivona Rock cut Caves of Khandepar and Lamgau Caves are three such Goan caves that created a connection with for every Goa traveller.